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UGC, or Unique Glass Colors, have been producing high quality glass colors since 1994 and are the manufacturers of kiln fired glass colors, specialty products and MUD.

UGC products will allow you to create beautiful works of art, both kiln fired and non-fired, on many different surfaces.  UGC currently has four kiln fired color lines–Original, NT, Artisan and Accent that are for commercial applications, hobbyists and artisans.  These colors kiln fire in the 1425F to 1550F firing range.  Surfaces include–float glass, porcelain, terra cotta, recycled glass, specialty glass, pre-fired pottery and most any glass that can fire within that range.  The colors can fire to much hotter temperatures when used on surfaces other than glass.

UGC also manufacturers Glass Separator, FREE, Bubble Powder, UGC Medium and MUD.  MUD is available in White and Black and can be kiln fired or air-dried depending on the surface.

Please see our Instructional Videos and UGC Projects for more information.