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S. Weyeneth

S. Weyeneth created this gorgeous curtain.  It is 17 5/8 inches wide by 12 inches long.  She used 12 – 1x1 pencil bevels, 4 – 1x3 pencil bevels & 3 – 1x4 pencil bevels; clear artique for the center; iridized clear crystal ice for flowers; and iridized cord for the leaves.She also created this 11x10x4 curtain/panel for her dining room.  It was designed by Lisa. 

Flower petals are 100GG(IR) crystal ice or also referred to as double granite. Petals are 100C(IR) Iridized cord,yellow glass is Wissmach 31G and the clear is 100A Artique. I used JAX pewter black patina and it really shines.