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07-25-20 – Enamel Paint Basics

07-25-20 – Enamel Paint Basics

We’re taking the mystery out of working with fused glass enamel paints! Come learn how to properly mix powdered paints with Medium, glass preparation and the different applications you can use with this great product. Including a sneak peek at Enamel Pours!

Price is $150.00 per person and includes: (14) ½ oz. jars of enamel paint colors complete with 2 oz. of Medium, detailing black paint and brush for you to use during class and take home to continue your fused glass enamel paint journey, several patterns for you to use in creating your first masterpiece, fusible glass, kiln firing, instruction and quick reference guides.

In addition, you’ll receive a 10% discount off of enamel supplies the day of the workshop. We are proud to be a UGC (Unique Glass Colors) Distributor and a CFE (Colors for Earth) Dealer – both offering a wide range of glass enameling products.

Pre-registration is required.

Enamel Paints Basic Class